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Malco MSHCST, SAWTOOTH, 1/4" AND 5/16", 2" SHAFT

Malco MSHCST, SAWTOOTH, 1/4" AND 5/16", 2" SHAFT

Rapidly remove screws covered in mastic or sealant with Malco’s new C-RHEX® SAWTOOTH drivers.

The must-have hex drivers for every toolkit, Malco’s C-RHEX® SAWTOOTH drivers are versatile, compact and highly durable. They come in two sizes (1/4″ and 5/16″) to meet the demand of every job.

The driver’s innovative sawtooth design has a cutting edge that makes locating, cutting through sealant and removing fasteners a breeze. Easily cut through both soft and hardened HVAC and roofing sealant.

Quickly clean the socket and magnet with the removable and reversible hex driver and rest assured that because it’s built with S2 hardened steel, it’ll last as long as you need it to. Clear sealant buildup in seconds by removing the driver from the impact to push the drive side of the shaft through the socket. The heavy-duty, deep-set magnet doesn’t touch the screw, so the fasteners spin true and the magnet retains its strength for years to come.

Malco’s 1/4″ and 5/16″ C-RHEX® SAWTOOTH drivers are available in two convenient lengths:

2″ (Model MSHCST)
6″ (Model MSHXLCST)

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